The Average Well Run corporate wellness program spends around $144 per employee per year.

RAND Report

Absenteeism ROI is $2.73 for every dollar spent on a comprehensive wellness program.

Harvard Study

About 86% of full-time workers are above normal weight or have at least one chronic condition.

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Health Care Costs ROI is $3.27 for every dollar spent on a comprehensive wellness program.

Harvard Study

Corporate Swag and other novelty items are used by about 50% of employers as incentives for wellness programs.

RAND Report

Employers who implemented wellness programs saved an average of $294 per year per employee.

Harvard Study

Average Health Care Savings of $358 per employee per year with a comprehensive wellness program.

Harvard Study

Productivity goes down by almost 2% for employees with at least one elevated health risk.

Coors Wellness Study

41% of employees say they gained weight at their current job because they sit a lot on the job.

Coors Wellness Study

Employers who implemented wellness programs saved an average of $294 per year per employee.

Career Builder

Top 5 reasons employees blame their employer for their weight gain: 1) Sit all day at work 2) Readily-available junk food 3) Time constraints leading to bad food choices 4) Stress (makes me eat more) 5) Temptation from the office Candy Jar.

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Our goal is to custom design a wellness program that will help you achieve 100% of your 1 year, 3 year and 5 year wellness initiative goals.

Health Fairs Direct

Health Fairs Direct offers 100% of the wellness services you need to run a comprehensive, credible and measurable wellness program.

Health Fairs Direct

Employees who participate in corporate wellness programs are less likely to leave their jobs. 20% for salaried employees and 10% for hourly employees.

Coors Wellness Study

23.5% of all corporate medical costs are due to employees being inactive or overweight.

Center for Disease Control

Inactive employees cost corporations an average of $1,543 per year in additional medical claims.

Center for Disease Control

30 minutes = the amount of time you would have to walk to burn off the calories from a single can of coke.

Coca-Cola Great Britain

There are 8.12 teaspoons of sugar in a single bottle vitamin water. It will take you about 25 minutes to walk off the calories in 1 vitamin water.

Science HowStuff Works

87% of emergency room visits are unnecessary. Average emergency room visits costs $1,119 more than the average doctor's visit.

American Hospital Association

14 to 36 pounds = the amount of weight would lose by not drinking 1 sugar filled drink a day for a year.

Men's Health

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Health Fairs Direct is Corporate Wellness

Employee Health Programs, Corporate Wellness Challenges, Fitness Programs, Wellness Program Consultants

Health in the Workplace - The Wellness Program

Health Fairs Direct has been specializing in corporate health and wellness programs nationally since 1997. Our wellness and fitness programs are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

We are unique in our approach to employee health as every wellness and fitness program is customized to meet the specific needs of each client location. Health Fairs Direct can engage all of your employees, regardless of location, with our credible and measurable wellness programs.

Health Fairs Direct offers every workplace health service in-house allowing us to deliver the highest quality services to improve your employees�health, wellbeing and morale.

Our employee health and wellness consultants will develop a plan to deliver the exact combination of services to make health at work easy to deliver with the best results. Health Fairs Direct has the expertise to create the exact credible and measurable wellness program to meet your specific needs.

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Edward Stanley

Invest in the health and wellbeing of your employees. They are the most valuable asset you have. John W. Buckley

Your wellness program budget should be 2% to 4% of what you spend on your health insurance premiums.Health Fairs Direct

Wellness Programs for Everyone

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    Customized Wellness Program Management to meet the unique needs of your employees.

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    Insurance Brokers

    Employee Health and Wellness Program Coordination you can stand behind.

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    We White Label our services so you can complete your line of corporate wellness services.

Customized Employee Wellness Program

Wellness Programs

No two corporations are alike. In fact, no two corporate locations are identical. When it comes to running a successful wellness program each location has its own personality, its own opportunities and its own challenges.

You need a wellness partner who can help you choose the right services for your group. You need a supplier who offers the all of the services you need under one roof so you can achieve your immediate wellness program goals and to help you attain your 3 to 5 year goals.

Health Fairs Direct offers everything you need to keep your employees engaged, motivated and creating measurable behavior change.

Wellness Challenges

Health Fairs Direct offers over 75 interactive wellness challenges that your employees will love. Our employee health challenge platform will expand to meet the growing needs of your staff. We offer introductory challenges for new programs as well as advanced programs for established wellness programs.

Our wellness platform can be the organizational tool you have been looking for to manage, track, measure and report on your employee wellness program.

We can engage your employees in the 5 key health risk categories: 1) Fitness 2) Weight Loss 3) Smoking Cessation 4) Mental Well-Being 5) Work-Life Balance

We can reach every employee and their dependents regardless of their location or language spoken.

Medical Screenings

Prescreening your employees for common health risks, implementing interventions and tracking their progress through time is the backbone to any credible and measurable wellness program.

You need accurate results, competent and professional medical screeners and immediate consultations to get the full benefit for your wellness initiative. Health Fairs Direct is a professional corporate medical screening provider you can trust. We are licensed, insured and experienced.

Choose from dozens of screening, employee pampering and other wellness services to keep your events interesting and interactive.

Health Fairs

A Health Fair is not a Health Fair without local health and wellness exhibitors to educate your employees, prescreen them for health issues and offer immediate solutions for the health risks they just uncovered in their medical screenings.

Done correctly, your employees will have

Health Fairs Direct knows how to coordinate professional, educational and motivational health fairs and wellness events that your employees will love. We have delivered thousands of health fairs across the US and Canada. Nobody has more experience than Health Fairs Direct.

Lectures, Workshops and Webinars

Health and wellness education catering to your employees interests and needs. Health Fairs Direct can engage any population, any education level and any area of interest to create an impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Custom designed wellness lecture topics is the centerpiece of our wellness initiatives. Increase the attendance at your lectures and workshops using wellness program tools to determine your employees interests. Reach remote employees with our health and wellbeing webinars.

Wellness Retreats

From an afternoon wellness outing to a week-long health and wellness retreat, Health Fairs Direct is your Corporate Wellness Program headquarters.

Are your employees getting together for a sales conference, a marketing session or for any reason at all? Create a wellness theme and liven up your meetings. Foster a culture of health and wellness and impact your employees .

Create a new tradition in your company that will benefit your employees and your bottom line for many years to come. From Wellness in the Park to adding some Employee Pampering to your holiday party there is always an opportunity to remind our employees that you care and increase the health and wellbeing of your company.


Individualized health coaching is a very effective way to help handle the chronic illnesses that are a major cost to most corporations.

Online coaching tools help to keep costs down while increasing participation and tracking of coaching programs.

Automated coaching programs are an inexpensive alternative for the majority of corporate employees. Don’t pay for wellness coaching until after running an automated coaching program to see who truly needs the one on one support of a live coach.

Health Fairs Direct has your health coaching options to match the right coaching methodology to the right employee.

Employee Pampering

Employee pampering is a necessity in today’s fast paced corporate environment. Giving your employees a 15 Minute Vacation has innumerable benefits for your company’s morale, production and bottom line.

Create a truly memorable wellness event, increase participation in wellness programs or simply acknowledge your best producers for a job well done.

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Classic Site Information Below

National Provider of Corporate Health and Wellness Fairs that Include:

  • Health Fairs
  • Flu Shots
  • Onsite Medical Screenings
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Fat
  • Skin Damage
  • Prostate Cancer (PSA)
  • Etc.
  • Wellness Lectures
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Employee Appreciationand Pampering
  • Custom Wellness Products
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Pedometers
  • Stress Balls
  • Bandage Holders
  • Pill Organizers
  • Educational Pamphlets
  • Bags
  • Etc.

Anatomy of a Referral

Health Fairs Direct - Employee Health Program, Health Fair, Flu Shot and Corporate Wellness Ideas 

Health Fairs Direct provides all aspects of Corporate Health and Wellness Fair activities and services; employee health screenings, in-house fitness programs and employee medical testing, cholesterol screenings, diabetes and glucose testing, flu shots and ergonomic services.

Our interactive wellness challenge platform engages corporate employees in over 70 different health and wellness challenges. Our platform is specifically designed to manage every aspect of corporate wellness programs. We provide track-able Behavioral Change interventions for your at-risk employees and fun wellness challenges to help every stay or become healthier.

We can engage every employee as well as their families regardless of their location. It is a Must See product so call for an online demonstration today.

Health Fairs Direct, the Nation's Leading Health Fair Provider, provides local Health Fairs, National Health Fairs, health fair screenings, health fair flu shots and onsite health fairs and corporate wellness programs. Our New York / New Jersey and nationwide employee health and wellness programs are unsurpassed in quality, dependability and reliability.

Health Fairs Direct GUARANTEE 100% In-Network* medical providers at your events. Health Fairs Direct is the only National, Independently Owned and operated corporate health and wellness fair provider that makes this guarantee*.

Health Fairs Direct is National in Scope and Professionalism while being your Trusted Neighborhood Provider in terms of Service and Reliability.

Each Employee Health Fair is professionally designed around your specific corporate health fair requirements.

Health Fairs Direct services corporations of all sizes, runs specialty health fairs for media, marketing and public venues.

Health Fairs Direct is a full service corporate health fair company who specializes in health fair screenings, health fair coordination, health fair flu shots and professional corporate health fair services. Health Fairs Direct can coordinate entire health and wellness events with pre-screened, in-network medical exhibitors, wellness exhibitors along with biometric health fair screenings such as:Health Risk Assessment, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Flu Shots, Vaccinations, Skin Damage Screenings, Bone Density Screenings, Glucose screenings and many more.

A Health Fairs Direct's events are designed specifically for your corporate health and wellness event. Health Fairs Direct can also supplement your current corporate health fair with any of our corporate health and wellness services.

Health Fairs Direct is more than just a corporate health fair coordination company. We are your best choice for specialty corporate events. Our corporate clients now enjoy:

  • Flu Shots
  • Environmental Fairs (Going Green)
  • Parenting Fairs
  • Wellness Indulgence Events
  • Employee Appreciation Days
  • On-Site Massage Clinics
  • Health Fair Giveaways - Custom Promotional Products Specialists


Health Fairs Direct has over 16 years of experience. As one of the original corporate health fair coordination companies, we have run thousands of corporate health, wellness, screening and flu shot events nationally. Add to this our attention to the smallest detail and you start to understand why Health Fairs Direct is the most referred corporate health fair company in the nation.

Health Fairs Direct offers all of the corporate health and wellness services you could need under one roof. We are your 360 degree wellness program provider offering health and wellness screenings, health fairs, wellness challenges, incentive management programs, health risk assessments, stress down days, wellness indulgence events and much more. We offer an added level of security for corporations by including indemnification protection with each of our health & wellness providers.

Health Fairs Direct's professionally run employee health fairs are fully customizable. Specifically, we’ll build your event around your company’s demographics and/or requests, providing an opportunity for a significant return on your investment. Health Fairs Direct's consultants will guide you through every step in designing and selectingthe correct In-Network providers making your event a successful and productive experience.

Health Fairs Direct, The National Leader in Health Fair Coordination, Specializes in Health Fair Design, Health Fair Promotion, Health Fair Ideas, Corporate Health Fair Etiquette, Medical Health Fair, Health Fair Pampering, Health Fair Setup and Prescreened Health Fair Professionals.

Each employee health program is coordinated out of our New York, NY or our New Jersey offices delivering the finest company wellness programs in the nation. Add in our reliable flu shot availability, our low flu shot cost, our employee wellness screenings, our unsurpassed employee health fair experience with our fresh health fair ideas and you have the most professional corporate wellness event planners in the country.

Don't forget your Health Fair Promotional Items, Freebies and Health Fair Ideas from Health Fair Giveaways.

*Check out our In-Network Guarantee for details.

For more Health Fair Ideas Call 
732-563-9749 x0 or email at

Health Fair Direct's corporate offices are located in New Jersey and New York, NY. Most of our health fair, flu shot, employee health program and employee wellness events are in New York City, NJ, CT and other major US cities.

Why Is An Independently Owned Health Fair Company Important? 

Being an Independently Owned and Operated Employee Health Fair Coordination Company has many benefits to our corporate clients. Our full time job is to provide professional corporate health & wellness fairs for our corporate clients. We do not view your employees as our main client base, or source of revenue, as with a Doctor Owned Health Fair Company.

Our goal is help your employees learn how to be healthy so they do not need to turn to Drugs or Surgery in an effort to try to correct a health problem. We do this through medical screenings, educational exhibitors and fun, interactive health & wellness fairs.

Health Fairs Direct began its employee health program coordination in New York and New Jersey and has been coordinating corporate health fairs nationally since 1997. We have developed the strictest exhibitor requirements in the industry to protect you and your employees and take pride in every health fair and employee health program that we deliver.

Here is what being Independently Owned means and how it benefits our corporate clients:

100% Employee Health Fair In-Network Guarantee*

Health Fairs Direct Originated the Corporate Health Fair 100% IN-NETWORK GUARANTEE* for all medical providers for all of our corporate health and wellness fair and employee health screening that we deliver.

In the Spring of 2004 Health Fairs Direct made the bold decision to reduce our personal profit and only book In-Network health fair exhibitors for all of our corporate health and wellness events. Starting in New York, NY and New Jersey we extended this and many new health fair ideas across the country.

In the process we lost our oldest exhibitor sales representative and over 90% of our current medical exhibitors.

Corporate Wellness Trends and Employee Health Program Strategies

Corporations are shifting their corporate health and wellness strategies from managing illness to managing human capital.

More then ever before, corporations are realizing that healthy employees are happier employees who have more energy to take on and handle harder tasks. This in turn increases their job satisfaction, helps reduce stress and leads to longer employee retention. The core of any employee health program is understanding the total risk.

Health Fair and Employee Health Screening ROI

Full Service Corporate Health & Wellness Fairs are the cornerstone of any corporation’s employee wellness initiatives. Add in reliable flu shot availability, fun employee wellness programs with fresh new health fair ideas and your employee health program will have a positive return on investment (ROI).

Full Service Corporate Health & Wellness Fair consists of:

  • Biometric Screenings:
  • Blood Pressure, Body Fat, Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings.
  • Wellness Screenings:
  • Skin Damage, Pulmonary Function and Carbon Monoxide
  • Medical Screenings:
  • PSA (Prostate Cancer), Bone Density Screenings and Dietitian Consultations.
  • Local Health Exhibitors:
  • Neck & Back, Foot & Ankle, Dental, Vision and Range of Motion Screenings.
  • Local Wellness Exhibitors:
  • Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Foods/Supplements, Anti-Aging, Etc.

Health Related promotional items with your company's name and logo on them increase event attendance, excitement and increase the overall impact with long term reminders of the event itself.

Hosting a health fair without combining employee health screenings with Local Health & Wellness Exhibitors or Health Fair Giveaways does not maximize on your return on investment and your company wellness programs will be left wanting.

Coordinating a Health Fair, Screening or Vaccination Event and Not Sure Where To Begin?

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For more Health Fair Ideas Call 
732-563-9749 x0 or email at

Health Fair Direct's corporate offices are located in New Jersey and New York, NY. Most of our health fair, flu shot, employee health program and employee wellness events are in New York City, NJ, CT and other major US cities.