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Here is what is trending and what is here to stay.


In-person events are trickling back, and we are very excited to be out there helping others in person again. 


But the virtual health fair has taken root and is growing into virtual wellness weeks, months and years.  Companies are seeing the benefit of offering extended wellness programing that is much easier to deliver, faster to implement and doesn’t even require booking a conference room.


With virtual events local health and wellness exhibitors are out and quality educational programming is in.  The reason is simple.  Local businesses can’t help but be promotional even in a time where caring and thoughtful information is much more important to corporate employees.


With everything going on in the world today we need to ease ourselves back into service to others and not overload those we are trying to help with sales tricks and gimmicks. 


HFD offers resources, educational material, and social connections all in a fun and professional atmosphere that is non-threatening. 


Corporate wellness has evolved into a more nurturing and back to basics approach, where the tried and true is leading the way. 


The profit-driven model of “Look Over Here Now!  We Have Something New and Exciting!” is played out.  It has been exposed for what it always was, flashy marketing with trendy but ineffective approaches to wellness.  It strayed so far away from connecting employees with caring and nurturing solution providers that it lost most of its impact. 


What Does Work!


Practical solutions based on common sense principles thoughtfully delivered are what companies are now reaching for to help their employees.  That is what has always worked and is still the best way to influence people.  Caring for another and helping them find the solutions that work for them does not sound new, flashy, or innovative.  But it is what works.


At Health Fairs Direct we have always strived to be effective, caring, and passionate about giving back to others through our work.  Maybe that is why we have earned the trust of our clients and referral sources.  We did not develop over 95% of our business from referrals with flashy marketing slogans or quick sales gimmicks.  We believe we have earned the loyalty of the people we serve by being honest, helpful, and effective. 


We have always led the way by sticking to these core principles.  That is who we are, and we are proud to be of service to others.


Give Back to your employees!


Give them a greater sense of Health, Safety and Wellbeing during these trying times.      


Giving back in a way that will actually pay forward!