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Open House Direct, Inc. (OHD) and Health Fairs Direct (HFD) provide health fairs and health-related events for corporations that serve multiple purposes: To provide accurate and reliable information on the health of each participating employee. To raise the awareness of personal health and health-related matters of your employees in the process. Healthier employees are more productive, have more energy and better focus. This leads to greater job satisfaction and longer employee retention. Introduce new tools and healthy options to help encourage more participation in an individual’s own health and wellbeing. These four steps demonstrate a commitment by the corporation to support employee health as a component of good business practices. OHD/HFD recommends that any company that is serious about developing its wellness initiatives must measure its employee’s health on a regular basis. A health questionnaire, coupled with the proper incentives that prompt the least motivated employee to participate will also demonstrate your commitment as an employer.

Corporations across the country are cutting back and curtailing excessive spending. This trend is forcing corporations to take a hard look at where they are wasting money and examining the value that they do get from all of their expenditures, including their corporate health program. As corporations take a closer look at their current health fair supplier, many companies are surprised to learn what is really going on and how much their “free” events are costing them. Instead of relying on the personality of their health fair salesman, corporations are starting to ask more questions. They are starting to do their Due Diligence and the results are eye-opening. What corporations are learning is that nothing is free in the health fair industry.

The more tantalizing the freebies that a company accepts upfront the greater amount they are spending on the back end with expensive exhibitor out-of-network medical billings. This is not a condemnation of the entire health fair industry. There are professional health fair coordination companies out there who do work in the best interest of the corporation. There may only be a few really good ones to choose from but if a corporation knows what they are looking for, and what they do not want, they will find them! Corporations need to start by learning a lot more about the corporate health fair industry as well as the many positive benefits that can be obtained through health fairs if run for the best interest of the corporation.

Health Fairs, if Professionally Planned, Coordinated and Run Absolutely Can: Improve morale Reduce absenteeism Increase employee retention Improve employee focus and production Have a positive Return on Investment (ROI) of as much as 5 to 1 Be a fun way to reduce employee stress and show them that the company cares What is not true is that any health fair provider will give you your desired results. In fact, if you are not careful, your health fair is likely to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-end costs that are incorporated into your next medical insurance premium increase. This is where the industry needs swift reforms at the corporate level so corporations do not get taken advantage of. The health fair companies who are taking advantage of the current system are not going to reform themselves and jeopardize the entire corporate health program industry.

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