Health Fairs Direct’s Exhibitor Policy

HFD Exhibitors

Health Fairs Direct has a large selection of exhibitors in our national network of health and wellness professionals. Each of our exhibitors is prescreened for professionalism, competence and ethics. HFD has a strict set of rules and regulations that all our exhibitors must adhere to if they want to join and remain in our network of professionals.

This extensive code of conduct covers how our exhibitors interact with employees, our corporate clients and how they treat corporate employees at their practice.

HFD’s Code of Conduct and our Pledge to our Clients

Our Corporate clients are our clients; Period. Our exhibitors, medical screener and subcontractors are all there to service you and your needs. They can and will be removed from our network of professionals if they do not adhere to our strict code of conduct. HFD’s 20 years of industry experience has made us experts in this field. We know how to read between the lines to find potential sources of trouble or intends to violate our policies. For your protection, exhibitors that may be or may become an issue are removed from our list of professionals at the first sign trouble.

HFD’s In-Network Policy

HFD guarantees that every medical practice that we bring into our corporate events will have at least one (1) physician on staff that is in network with your insurance. For corporations that have multiple medical insurance policies HFD will do its best to work with a practice that is in-network with all your plans. If is not possible to find a single practice that has a doctor(s) that are in-network with all your insurance plans, HFD will find a practice that is in-network with the plan that most your employees are in.

For your employees to be seen by the in-network doctor they must request to be seen by the in-network doctor. HFD provides tools to help your employees to request the in-network doctor to help facilitate this.

Employee’s Role in Choosing an In-Network Physician: HFD insuring that there is an in-network physician at each medical practice that attends your event does not guarantee that your employees will choose to be seen by an in-network physician.

It is an individual choice which medical practice your employees go to and which physician they choose. It is your employee’s responsibility to select a practice and physician that they have researched, have found to be competent, that they are comfortable seeing and who they believe is the best fit to help them with their health and wellbeing.

The ultimate responsibility for which physician and which practice your employees elect to go to and be treated by is that of each of your employees. To help with this, HFD provides tools to help your employees choose in-network physicians.

Your employees MUST REQUEST to be seen by a physician that is in-network with their insurance if they want to be billed in-network.

We cannot stress this point enough. After two decades in this industry we have learned that there are far too many incentives for medical doctors to bill out of network; so much so that many practices are no longer in-network with any medical insurance. HFD does not work with practices that are not in-network as we believe your employees should be able to choose an in-network doctor.

This in-network, out-of-network issue is industry wide. Until there are comprehensive reforms to how physicians are paid through insurance there will be the potential for an exhibitor who has in-network physician(s) on staff to treat employees through another physician on staff that is an out-of-network provider.

The only way to guarantee that this issue is not generated because of your health fair is to choose to not have medical practices at your event. To facilitate this HFD has over 40 different fee-for-service options that you can build a very robust and interactive event around that will leave a lasting impression with your staff. Speak to your HFD representative for more details about how to run an event without local medical providers.

Health Fairs Direct is Independently Owned  

HFD is independently owned and operated. We are not owned by and do not represent a specific a medical practice. HFD has a network of several thousand exhibitors and wellness professionals that we work with across the country. This gives us the leeway to custom build your event based on your specific needs and wants, not ours. In some areas HFD does have preferred exhibitors that we like to work with.

All HFD Exhibitors that HFD sources for you Pay a Coordination Fee  

About 20 years ago, HFD started looking for ways to guarantee the best event for our corporate clients. This included ways to ensure that all our exhibitors are top quality, will be corporate minded professionals and represent well at all our events.

Thus, we put together a multi-point exhibitor pre-screening process that starts with our first contact with a potential exhibitor and continues throughout their registration process, event preparation process, how they handle themselves at events and how they work with your employees.

A key component to our pre-screening process is requiring that all exhibitors contribute to the cost of running your event. This cost will vary depending on their specialty, where your offices are located among other factors. (This fee does not apply to company sponsored exhibitors such as your insurance providers, credit unions, etc. Check with your HFD representative for details.)

Your Role in HFD’s Exhibitor Pre-screening Process

There are three things that you can do to help insure you continue to receive the best possible exhibitors for your events:


As part of our pre-screening process we ask that you let your HFD representative know if any potential exhibitor contacts you or anyone else in your company about attending your event. If they discuss our fees or any aspect of our pre-screning process with you and if they tried to use another employee (usually a friend, relative, patient or business associate) to receive an invitation to your event without going through HFD. This is less common now that the health fair industry has matured a bit but it may still occur.

The reason that they give you for contacting you is important for your HFD representative to hear. For our prescreening process to work properly we ask that you let us know as soon as possible who contacted you and the details of that contact.

This aspect of our prescreening process has the tendency to uncover potential integrity issues and is an indicator of what they will do at the event and in the future.


We ask that you let your HFD representative know if any exhibitor discusses their coordination fees at the event with an employee or other exhibitor. Our exhibitors are charged different rates based on their specialty and what they are offering for the event. This is standard throughout the industry and experienced exhibitors are aware of this.


We ask that you let us know if you notice anything with an exhibitor that just does not seem right. This may be as simple as finding them in an area outside of the event space that just does not seem OK, taking food/snacks that is intended for employees, offering their services to your company directly (trying to go around the protections that HFD has built into HFD’s exhibitor contract), spending time talking to other exhibitors instead of attending to your employees, taking services & screenings that are intended for your employees or any other point that you feel HFD should be made aware of.

Why we ask for help with this? 

These three items are all indicators that an exhibitor may be trying to bypass our prescreening process, avoid paying a coordination fee and/or to not be responsible for the terms, conditions in our agreement that help to protect you and your employees from liability or are just looking to disrupt the quality of your event(s).

Exhibitor Coordination Fees help to offset the cost of your events 

An additional benefit that our corporate clients receive from HFD charging coordination fees to our exhibitors is that those fees help to pay for your event. When HFD prices out its event coordination fees we consider what we expect to earn from the exhibitors attending your event. Your coordination fee is then reduced by that amount.

Periodically, HFD may not be able to earn the amount of coordination fee that they originally anticipated. This will not affect the cost of your event. HFD may request a higher coordination fee to run a future event but once we agree to a price to run your event(s) HFD sticks with that price regardless of the outcome of its exhibitor bookings.

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