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Health Fairs Direct: We are providing Virtual Health Fairs as well as our traditional On-Site events.

Chair Massage Experience

It will bring more participation in your event

The Chair Massage experience is by far one of the most popular services that you can gift to your employees.

Create a sensation of relaxation in your team

Evey employee that experience the Chair Massage will report a sensation of relaxation in everyone on your team.

Improve communication among peers

You will notice that the communications within your employees will improve when you have employees that are relaxed.

Health Fairs Direct Wellness Programs

There are many benefits that you can get when you bring a chair massage therapy to your health fair event. Besides being the most popular exhibitor in your event bringing at least one chair massage to your event should be a priority. Here are some benefits that your company will get with just a single chair massage.

Decrease anxiety

Improved Circulation

Tone the muscles



Our office massage services help reduce employee stress — and that has fantastic side effects for your bottom line.  Moving your team from the “fight-or-flight” response of stress to the “pause-and-plan” response enables them to be more productive and more effective.  Even better, your employees will see an in-office chair massage as a benefit you give to them, creating more goodwill among employees.

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Virtual Health Fair Events

We can create your Virtual Health Fair Event. We have a reliable network operation center that will allow your corporation to host your next Virtual Health Fair with Health Fairs Direct.

Wellness Programs

We literally have hundreds of programs that will fit your goals and align with your Corporate Vision in addition to your Health Insurance company. We can deliver the best programs.

Interactive Mini Trade Shows

We offer interactive mini trade shows that can be hosted at your location. In addition we can arrange your events at any location that you choose. Let Health Fairs Direct take care of you.

Screening Services

Now more than ever your  business should take the preventive measures to help your employees succeed by providing them with the best screening services that they need.

Employee Wellness Programs

CHealth Fairs Direct provide services such as Lectures and interactive coaching sessions that are inline with your business needs. We can provide In Person Coaching as well as Virtual.

Wellness Challenges

All of our Challenges are focused on creating the awareness that and health consciousness that your employee will need. We can help them create new ways to increase their productivity.

Our Management Team at Health Fairs Direct

John Buckley

John Buckley is the Founder of Health Fairs Direct and has been providing support to Fortune 500 companies all over the USA.

Maria Leamy

Maria Leamy is the Co-Founder and Sales Vice President in Health Fairs Direct. Experience implementing health and wellness programs.

Maria Orellana

President of Health Fairs Direct and has an extensive experience providing the best health and wellness practitioners across the USA.



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