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Health Fairs Direct: We are providing Virtual Health Fairs as well as our traditional On-Site events.


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We have perfected our Event Planning and Execution from the ground up to be able to present to your teams the best option in the market with our Live, on-site Health Fair Events.

At present, there are many ways to increase employee engagement such as arranging team-building activities and providing good benefits. But it is important to remember that these things cannot be done overnight and it takes time for them to have an effect on people’s happiness at work.

Health Fairs Direct has the experience and the necessary tools to create a positive impact in your workplace that will help them to become happier and more productive.

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Health Fairs Direct Services

No matter how small or how big, we can deliver the best experience!

We offer our Virtual Health Fair Events across the U.S.A.

Virtual Health Fair Events

We can create your Virtual Health Fair Event. We have a reliable network operation center that will allow your corporation to host your next Virtual Health Fair with Health Fairs Direct.

Wellness Programs

We have hundreds of programs that will fit your goals and align with your Corporate Vision in addition to your Health Insurance company. We can deliver the best programs.

Interactive Mini Trade Shows

We offer interactive mini trade shows that can be hosted at your location. In addition, we can arrange your events at any site that you choose. So let Health Fairs Direct take care of you.

Screening Services

Now more than ever your business should take preventive measures to help your employees succeed by providing them with the best screening services that they need.

Employee Wellness Programs

Health Fairs Direct provides services such as Lectures and interactive coaching sessions that are in line with your business needs. We can provide In-Person Coaching as well as Virtual.

Wellness Challenges

All of our challenges focus on creating the awareness and health consciousness that your employee will need. We can help your employees create new ways to increase their productivity.

Preparing for an 
On-Site Wellness Event

Promote your event

The first step is to create the event and promote it. It is important to make sure that the event aligns with your company’s values and goals.

Location is a key factor

The second step is to find a location for the event, which should be close enough so that people can be at the event on time and easily.

Bring the best exhibitors

The third step of preparation would be to create a list of speakers who are willing and able to speak at the event. It is also important not to forget about sponsorships, which will help you save on costs and provide valuable resources for attendees.

Full service Wellness

Corporate Health under one roof.

On-site Health Fairs

We bring all the fun to you.

Best Exhibitors

Best Exhibitors at your event. 

Health Fairs Direct Wellness Services

Office Chair Massage Services

We offer our services in your office or any location across the USA.

Pamper your employees with our Office Chair Massage Service. It is proven that the Chair Massage service will help your employees to reduce stress even in high-paced workplaces.

We can schedule On-Site at your office in one location or multiple locations. We will take care of all the small details to provide your team members with a better experience.

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