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The Importance of Community Health and How to Motivate Engaged Communities

Community health is an issue that affects your organization. The idea of community health has been around for a long time but has only become popular recently due to the increase in social media use. This increased use of social media has also made it easier for people to find information about community health and learn how to improve their living conditions, specially at their workplace. Community engagement is a vital part of a community health fair because it promotes healthy communities.






 How to build Healthy Communities

 When people are happy, they are more productive. This is why it’s important to live in communities that support the wellness of its members. Same is true about the companies that takes good care of their employee and are always presenting Health alternatives such as the community Health Fair. Healthy communities have access to health care providers and food retailers, are safe from environmental hazards, have transportation options for patients with limited mobility, and so on.

 All types of communities can be healthy. For example, research shows that the emotional health of college students improves when they live on campus so they can develop friendships and support networks more easily.


The Role of Community Health Fairs


Community health fairs are an important and integral part of public health outreach. They provide a way to educate the general population on various topics such as diet, exercise, substance use, and sexual health. Community health fairs are typically sponsored by government or non-profit organizations, most of the times they contract experts such as Health Fairs Direct to take care of the logistics on those events. The most common types of sponsorships include: private corporations who want to reach their target audience in a positive way (e.g., Coca-Cola); local businesses; and professional associations (e.g., the American Heart Association).


Fair attendance can range from several hundred to several thousand people depending on the size and location of the event and what is offered there (e.g., live entertainment, food vendors).


How to Organize a Successful Community Health Fair


In order to have a successful community health fair, it is important that you identify your mission and the set of services you will be providing. Identifying a mission statement keeps the fair focused on a specific topic and allows for a better focus on what needs to be done. A mission statement should include information about what your organization is going to do – so back to our example, we might identify our mission as “Fighting disease in our community” or “Educating people about their health.”


Once you have defined your mission, it is time to develop an outreach program that will help you reach those goals. Sometimes this can be difficult and this is when Health Fairs Direct can help you by providing their experience into the mix. This includes defining the target population and the desired outcomes – for example, we might target those who are at risk and want them to learn more about.


How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan for Your Community Health Fair


With the number of major health organizations such as Health Fairs Direct and event sponsors, it is becoming more important to the Corporations to use a healthy events marketing strategy that will produce the best outcome on your Community Health Fair.


Community health in your workplace


The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines workplace health as the “physical and emotional well-being of employees”.


Healthy Workplaces promotes the following principles:


-Participation – Equity – Social justice – Allocation of resources


This program focuses on ways to address mental health, physical health


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